Reasons to Hire Veterans & Service Members

Benefits: Military men and women have the right stuff

Our military men and women possess a wide range of valuable skills for today’s high tech and fast-paced economy, from engineering and road building to computer networking and satellite communications. These Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guards also bring many professional attributes to your organizations:

  • Leadership and understanding of hierarchical and peer structures
  • Ability to work together as a team to overcome adversity
  • Efficient performance under pressure
  • Respect for procedures
  • Understanding of technological trends
  • Integrity and dedication


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“Years ago, we were given marching orders by company leadership to bring military heroes into our company because it was the right thing to do. Today, we find that it is the best business thing to do. We employ over 200 Missourian veterans and we are proud to partner with the state to get American heroes hired.” --Jarold Ramos, Sr., Director of Strategic Recruiting for AlliedBarton Security Services (& U.S. Navy Veteran)

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