Once you've taken the Pledge, you’ll need to set up an account with jobs.mo.gov.

Post Your Open Positions

Jobs.mo.gov is Missouri’s premier employment portal and the system used by our Veterans Employment Representatives and Career Center staff to match you with great candidates.  We encourage you to post all of your open positions with jobs.mo.gov!

Added Visibility

As a Show-Me Heroes employer your jobs will have a "Show-Me Heroes Employer" tag in search results. Additionally, all open positions posted by Show-Me Heroes employers will be posted and made available to job seekers with military experience on the National Labor Exchange’s veteran focused jobs portal, which associates and sorts jobs by military occupational codes. This helps guide candidates with relevant military skill sets to your open positions, further increasing and enhancing quality matches.

Participate in Events

We also conduct hiring and networking events throughout the state.  If you’re interested in participating, be sure to like us on Facebook and connect with us on Twitter.  Also, we have a current calendar of upcoming events.

Report Hires

Help us track the number of Service Members hired by Show-Me Heroes employers and show the world that Missouri Hires its Veterans! Simply report your hires using this quick and easy form. By doing so, you are also nominating your company to receive a Flag of Freedom award.