Make the Most of Show-Me Heroes

Take the Pledge

Make your business and your open positions more visible to job seeking Veterans and Service Members by taking the Pledge. We will feature your business name and all of your Missouri work sites on our searchable list of Show-Me Heroes employers. All open positions you post with jobs.mo.gov will also be visible on this site. Additionally, all of the jobs you post will have a "Show-Me Heroes Employer" tag making them even more visible to great military candidates.

Post your open positions

Jobs.mo.gov is Missouri’s premier jobs portal. Every open position is vetted to ensure that it leads to an actual job with an actual employer. You don’t have to compete with resume trolls, pyramid scams, or marketing schemes like you do with many commercial sites so can be sure your vital job openings are more visible to the great military candidates. By registering an account with the state’s #1 jobs bank, jobs.mo.gov, you can search through relevant resumes and utilize the candidate matching feature to help save you time in your recruiting efforts. Your jobs will be accessible to both job seekers with military experience as well as other qualified candidates. You will also be able to work directly with Missouri Career Center staff and Veterans Employment Representatives who can offer direct assistance in helping you find great candidates. As an added service, your open positions will be posted on the National Labor Exchange’s veteran focused jobs portal, which associates and sorts jobs by military occupational codes. This helps guide candidates with relevant military skill sets to your open positions, further increasing and enhancing quality matches.

Participate in Our Events

Whether you attend one of our many hiring events, work with us to host an exclusive event, or participate in one of our employer summits, we offer many opportunities for you and your leadership team to engage with Veteran and Service Member job seekers and to work with your peers by sharing best practices. Take a look at our calendar of upcoming events and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter stay on top of everything that’s going on in your area!


You've already taken the Pledge so you’re ready for the next step. Once you've hired at least one Veteran or Service Member, report back to us and you will be eligible to apply for the Flag of Freedom award! But, don’t stop there. After you've reported your initial hires and received your plaque, check in with us regularly to tell us about your hires and your successes. We will keep track and add your hires to the total number of Veterans hired by Show-Me Heroes employers!